IT Services

Affordable IT support tailored to meet the businesses specific requirements

At Winstel Technologies, we are committed to service delivery excellence and our customers, who span a variety of industries and vary in size, attest to this. We are passionate about service and as a result we have tailored our offering - customers can choose from the following options:

Comprehensive IT Support

Due to our extensive experience and highly-skilled staff, Winstel is well positioned to offer a complete outsourcing solution. This option is an all-inclusive agreement, whereby Winstel fulfils the role of the IT manager and support personnel within the company, at a fixed monthly cost.

It includes:

  • IT risk assessment
  • Weekly site visits and preventative PC maintenance
  • Proactive and reactive support call-outs
  • Remote support
  • Hardware and software asset management
  • Software license certification
  • Continual virus protection
  • Ongoing cost-saving solutions and strategies
  • Implementation of disaster planning and recovery procedures
  • Implementation of network security policies and procedures

For more information on how Winstel can reduce costs and increase productivity with our IT services contact us on 011 465 4433 or email us at