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Employees need secure, off-site access to company data? Here's the solution

Just how easy is it for you and your employees to access all your business’s data off-site, from home, while at the same time ensuring your data remains 100% protected?

The nationwide lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to find better ways of operating. For many, that means adopting alternative methods of safely storing and managing data for secure on-demand access from any location.

Enter Redstor: safe, cloud-based data management

Winstel Technologies is proud to partner with Redstor to offer your business a powerful new data management platform that enables you to manage your data from a single control centre, unifying critical functions like backup, data recovery and archiving.

Most importantly, the platform eliminates downtime by ensuring that all data can be instantly streamed from the cloud in the event of a disaster, minimising disruption and unexpected costs.

Redstor gives you:

  • The Power of 4-in-1 functionality: Complete data backup and recovery; archiving; disaster recovery; and search & insight, all from a single console.
  • Unparalleled affordability: Redstor pricing is in rands, not US dollars.
  • Complete cyberattack protection: Cyberattacks are on the increase right now due to the global Covid-19 pandemic; you have complete control over your data through full off-site data access and backup.
  • Business continuity and protection: no matter what’s going on out there, your data is protected, and your staff have full access to it wherever they are

By monitoring your data estate, Redstor identifies rarely accessed, redundant data that can be moved from your primary storage to our cloud. This frees up space and extends the life of your primary storage, with no loss of accessibility, while reducing storage costs.

Redstor also helps ensure compliance with regulations such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), as you can centrally search within your data, delete files from within your backup and archive data. Archiving can be completely automated, with immediate access to archived data for all users.

To find out more about how we can help you transform your data management in these uncertain times, contact us on or call us on 086 181 9300.