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How Redstor saved one South African business (in the nick of time)

At Winstel, we consider ourselves trusted advisers to our clients. We’re always on the lookout for new cyber threats, and respond to these dangers by offering the latest technology as well as relevant advice to keep our clients safe and protected.

With ransomware and corporate hacking spiking in South Africa, we partnered early on with Redstor to offer our clients the data protection they needed in these uncertain times.

Safe, cloud-based data management

Redstor is a powerful new data management platform that enables companies to manage their data from a single control centre, unifying critical functions like backup, data recovery and archiving.

Most importantly, the platform eliminates downtime by ensuring that all data can be instantly streamed from the cloud in the event of a disaster, minimising disruption and unexpected costs.

With the hard national lockdown in March and April forcing employees to work from home, we quickly realised the challenge our clients would face in allowing employees to access all their business’s data off-site, from home, while ensuring that that data remained 100% protected.

We recognised this as a prime opportunity for hackers, and warned our clients of a potential increase in cybercrime attacks. We also looked to Redstor as the ideal solution, given that it allowed clients to safely store and manage their data with secure on-demand access from any location during lockdown.

Redstor to the rescue

One of our clients, DN Freight – a local leader in world-wide freight forwarding and logistics solutions – instantly saw the value in Redstor. However, lockdown had the company carefully cutting back on extra costs, not actively adding to them, and adopting Redstor would be an investment.

We asked the firm to put a rand value on its data; how much was it worth to potentially lose all its data in an attack? The answer was, its data was invaluable. No amount of money could buy unrecoverable data.

We also assessed the company’s data management, and identified a potential weakness in its existing data backup system that could leave it vulnerable to attack.

Armed with this information, DN Freight invested in Redstor and the first data backups were successfully run. Just six days later, the company was hacked and all on-site backup structures and processes were compromised.

Thanks to the Redstor backup repository, we were able to recover all the affected data, and staff were back up and running within just a few hours. Not only was the data saved, but the crippling effect on productivity – already compromised by lockdown – was minimised.

The company was impressed with the way in which the Redstor solution rolled out at this critical time, and relieved that no data was lost and that no hefty ransom had to be paid out.

“The cost of not having Redstor would have been far greater. This was the best decision we as a business have ever made, and it couldn’t have come at a better time,” Brett Frederiksen, DN Freight - National Sales Manager , told us afterwards.

How safe is your data?

Research findings released in June confirm Winstel’s original assertion that there would be a spike in cybercrime attacks on South African businesses during lockdown. The research shows hackers have shifted focus from email attacks to online attacks using ransomware, and that they are actively looking for vulnerable local servers to breach.

With an uncertain road ahead for South African businesses, correctly storing, managing and protecting your company’s data has never been more important.

Let us help you safeguard your data, and your company’s future, with powerful cyberattack protection from Redstor.

To find out more about how we can help you transform your data management in these uncertain times, contact us on or call us on 0861819300.

Winstel Technologies is a Redstor channel partner