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How safe is your business from ransomware threats?

You’ve heard about ransomware, right? Malevolent malware that infects your business computers and then restricts access to these computers, demanding that you literally pay a ransom to the malware operators to have the restriction removed.

Here at Winstel Technologies, we know that because ransomware typically disguises itself as a legitimate file that gets opened by unsuspecting staff, the potential for attack on your business is significant.

Ransomware is currently rated one of the biggest cyber security threats to businesses worldwide, with experts warning malicious software is likely to get more sophisticated in 2016 as the frequency of these attacks increases in the months ahead.

Ransomware hacks don’t only result in an invasion of privacy of the most serious kind, but can cost your business heavy losses in critical and sensitive data, operational downtime, and financial resources.

What’s the solution? says businesses should ‘strengthen scan-and-detect defensive capabilities across the organisation’.

However, in doing so, it warns that businesses don’t ‘rely on a single anti-virus or anti-malware system, but a wide range dedicated to different types of attack’.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection

Winstel recommends Mimecast, a leading provider of next-generation cloud security and risk management services for corporate information and email, which offers exactly that.

Through its Targeted Threat Protection, Mimecast:

  • Extends traditional gateway security to defend against malicious links in email; weaponised attachments; and malware-less social-engineering attacks, often called whaling (the three most common attack methods)
  • Provides real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachment sandboxing, preventing employees from inadvertently downloading malware or revealing credentials.
  • Provides real-time detection of suspicious financial fraud emails.
  • Offers dynamic user awareness capabilities that reinforce security policies and engage employees in assessing risks.
  • Improves frontline security protection against sophisticated spear-phishing and other advanced attacks.

Winstel Technologies is an accredited Mimecast reseller, and is able to recommend the perfect Mimecast product to protect your business.

This includes products for:

  • Securing email gateways against ransomware and other malware
  • Mailbox continuity
  • Enterprise information archiving
  • Email management
  • Specialised business platforms, such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for Work

Ensure your business is protected today from all malware, including the latest ransomware, with Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection from Winstel.

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