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Is your business protected from ransomware?

It should be. Ransomware is one of the most widespread and damaging security threats faced by organisations around the world today.

It encrypts your files, locking them down and holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. This causes massive disruption to business productivity, not to mention the financial burden placed on companies when large sums are demanded.

Traditional protection has struggled to keep pace with ransomware developments and the malevolence of these threats. But now, thanks to Sophos Intercept X, proven anti-ransomware protection is available, protecting your business against the very latest threats, and keeping your users and your data safe.

Sophos Intercept X stops ransomware in its tracks by blocking the malicious spontaneous encryption of data; by automatically rolling back encrypted file changes to their ‘safe state’ with no data loss; and by protecting against local and remote encryption. It’s a complete ransomware protection solution.

While Sophos products are designed to work side by side, you don’t need to currently use Sophos solutions to make use of Intercept X. This dynamic product works alongside any existing antivirus, acting as an additional layer of anti-ransomware and anti-exploit protection.

Intercept X has received off-the-chart reviews and an overwhelmingly positive response from the market, which has been most impressed by the software’s ability to completely halt ransomware attacks and new infections.

If your systems are not protected by Sophos Intercept X, you could be at risk.

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