IT Services

Affordable IT support tailored to meet the businesses specific requirements

At Winstel Technologies, we are committed to service delivery excellence and our customers, who span a variety of industries and vary in size, attest to this. We are passionate about service and as a result we have tailored our offering - customers can choose from the following options:

Time Block IT Support

In collaboration with the customer, a set amount of time-block units is agreed upon. This enables the customer to obtain experienced IT skills whilst tailoring the support to suit their budget. These units are available from a minimum of 6 hours and increase in 2-hour block units. The pricing structure is discounted from the ad hoc rates.

It includes:

  • IT risk assessment
  • Set weekly visits for proactive support and preventative PC maintenance
  • Reactive support call-outs
  • Remote support
  • Ongoing cost-saving solutions and strategies

For more information on how Winstel can reduce costs and increase productivity with our IT services contact us on 011 465 4433 or email us at